Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions for Roadside911 Marketing System


Roadside911.com is a marketing company who has chosen MCA as a company to promote. We are not a partner nor do we serve as a member of the corporate staff of MCA or TVC Matrix. We are two separate companies.


Roadside911 has developed Marketing System to do most of the work for you on explaining the benefits of the different membership plans. Its sole purpose is to help you build your MCA/TVC Matrix business. As you send customers to your replicated website at www.roadside911.com and they purchase a membership, MCA receives the payment for that service, provide that service and you are paid your commissions by MCA/TVC matrix not by Roadside911.


You must be a MCA/TVC Matrix member before you are able to use our Marketing System because you are not able to register for our system without your MCA/TVC Matrix ID #. It is mandatory for you to have this number and website that’s issued to you after purchasing a MCA/TVC Membership. It doesn’t matter which package you have, you are still able to use our system if you register for FREE.



All paid member are able to receive a free month of our Marketing Website when you refer someone to our site (roadside911.com) for the purpose of subscription.  Each paid member will receive a 1 Free month of service, the following month if your referral purchase our recurring Marketing system (for $19.95). Once your new prospect has been approved for payment through our merchant account, and has completed 1 full month, which means they have paid their second month of $19.95. Once that second payment has been made, you will be credited for one full month of our marketing program.  There are no limits on how many people you can refer. Our system will let you know how many people you have referred and which month you will receive for free, in your Roadside911 back office.

Hyper Links

All of the hyperlinks are based on the programming of MCA/TVX Matrix site as of May of 2013. We understand and want you to understand that periodically MCA/TVC Matrix will make changes and upgrades to their website programming and due to that it can and probably will interfere with our hyperlinks.


Once we are aware of any changes we will work on the fixes right away to make sure all of your customers will be able to access your TVC Matrix website. We will work diligently in fixing any broken links and should have everything working the way it’s suppose to within a 72 hours period.


In the event that MCA/TVC Matrix changes any of their programming code, isn’t a reason for a refund of any payments made to Roadside911. We can’t be liable for any changes to MCA/TVC Matrix programming. We are only in control of our site and it’s functionalizes.



All payments are final for any of our services or printed products.


Having access to our marketing system is $19.95 each month, paid prior to each month. This is a recurring payment and will charge your card each and every month on the date that you choose (1st or 15th). If for any reason that your credit card or debit card is declined you will have 3 days to make this payment in full. After 3 days your site will be inactive and you will lose any of your prospects who are anticipating on purchasing a membership from you.


This prospect will be directed to another member’s site for them to purchase a membership from another member, which will prevent you from earning any commissions from this prospect.


The monthly fee for our website is paid prior to each month, you have 3 days to cancel this membership and receive a full refund.


To receive a refund for our marketing system you must request this refund in writing to:




You will receive an email indicating your refund has been approved or declined.


If your refund is declined you can cancel your membership in your Roadside911 back office.


There’s no term for using our system, so you have the ability to cancel at anytime you like.



If your membership with Roadside911 is terminated for nonpayment it will cost you $25.00 to reactive your membership. This is a reactivation fee for terminated members for non-payment. This is a non refundable fee.



We don’t accept any payment for any of the Roadside Membership Plans, the only items we sale are Marketing Materials via – Marketing Site, Printed Marketing Materials and Special events.

Refund Policy

All members have 72 hours to cancel the Roadside 911 marketing system and any of the generic printed materials.


The Marketing system refund is done within 48 hours and you will receive an email to the email address that you have entered into our system during the registration process. Once the refund is completed.


All of the personal printed materials purchased on our site are considered a final sale. Which cannot be refunded.


All refunds will be done by a reverse payment to the credit card that was used for the charge.


Once you pay for our Marketing system you are obligated to pay for the full month.



You are responsible for entering all of your correct information during the registration process. We have many failsafe tools to prevent you from entering the wrong TVC ID #, Sponsor ID #, TVC Matrix username, and who referred you to our system TVC Matrix ID #. We have popups and a video on that page to make sure you enter the correct information during this process. If for any reason you enter the wrong information, your website will redirect your prospect (customers) to a site that doesn’t belong to you. Which means you will not receive the commissions for any of the sales.



If you cancel your subscription for our Marketing System in the middle of the payment month, the cancelation will go into effect the following month. You can not cancel your monthly subscription for our Marketing System in the middle of any month.


There are no monetary values for the free months for referrals so if you cancel or your credit/debit card is declined for payment, and was owed Free months of our Marketing System you will lose the Free months of our system.